Bartosz Prusinowski
Hi, I'm Bartosz! I'm a data scientist who loves working with data and bringing it to life with interactive visualizations.
I was born in GdaΕ„sk, a beautiful city by the Baltic Sea, and from the very beginning I was fascinated by numbers (and nice charts in newspapers).
When I'm not trying to create new, fancy data visualization, I'm probably reading some science-fiction book, watching a new season of Rick and Morty or walking on the beach with my girlfriend.
Last summer I had a fantastic opportunity to join LinkedIn's Economic Graph Team in Dublin as a summer intern. Upon my return to Poland I rejoined PwC, where I analyze data and create data visualization tools.
You can learn more about my experience on LinkedIn, or by taking a look at my resume. I also ocasionally take a photo of something nice and upload it to my Instagram.
Some of my recent projects:
How to win an Oscar
Data-driven story about the Holy Grail of cinematography.
DIY inputs
Probably the most fancy inputs you've seen!
Handwritten Text Generator
It's easier than ever to write a handwritten poem now.